Why I Started Blogging?

Senin, 23 Maret 2015

well, let me introduce myself first. I'm Tamara Putri Yanti.
Yanti? but its writen Yanli. Yap, I'm more interested if i used it, because it was supposed to be Yanli.
Yanli stands for YanIndra and Lili. My parent's name.
I'm Indonesian, and was born in '96. interest in foreign language and my dream is arround the world.

fisnish for introducing.

why I started Blogging?
to create a memory that has happened.I cant write it down on pink diary, I'm not girly.
to motivate someone, even though I dont have any positive thing to share. but i'm glad if you got something from here.
to develop my English writing. I want to pass IELTS test! so that's why I need your effort to look trough  my grammar and  speeling.

for many reasons, i don't expect there would be huge readers. because i dont know how to use and promote blogger.com significantly. so if you have any suggestions for me, don't mind to share it and i'll be so grateful of it.

and why I use English? why not my first language?
you have known it by my third reason's point.
and I want to my blog goes international. 555.. oh my wish!

so that's all for my first post.
i wish there is at least 3 persons read it. and for anyone read it please show your fingers!
best regard and lovely


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