Sabtu, 03 Juni 2017


KOMJAR Stands for  KOMUNIKASI MENGAJAR ( the teaching from Communication’s member) is the one of work program from Community Service division of HIMAKOM ( Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu Komunikasi), And also part event of Beranda road to 14th COVER ( Communicaation Anniversarry). The purpose of the program is dedication form of  HIMAKOM and thanks form for the birthday of communication major.the program has been held on December, 10th 2016 in SDN 062 Pekanbaru.

The material learnings were English, Introduction of Pekanbaru city, and national values. We divided into 3 teams, with each team taught one subject for 15 minutes 

I was trusted to taught English. With my partner Bagus, we dicided to taught 3 differents subject for different class. For 1st – 2nd grade was part of my body. For 3rd – 4th grade was number and alphabets. And 5th – 6th  grade was self introduction. The metode that we used was fun and happy teaching. We sang together, gave the present for the child who able to answer our question.

SDN 062 is the one of the school that need more attention. How could with the biggest city like Pekanbaru, there is still school like that. They need sharing the class in one room and one long white board with plywood as barrier. How could the learning can be effective?

The benefits of doing social activity are not only for a documentation as evidence that I have done a charity program. But, this is a platform for me to know what is my self potential that could I give to, feel gratefull of what I have, and dedication as a young generation and colleger for society.

Being part of them is the one thing that I need to be grateful with. No place is not worth it to learn. Because we are aku, kamu, kita semua…..( KOMJAR’s Slogan)

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