Kamis, 11 Mei 2017

Hi guys! it has been long time since my last post about my starting blog activity ( it never continued over all  T.T)  5555 so at this moment i'd like to introduce my self! because not knowing not loving yeah 555 

I am Tamara, the first child of Yanli's family. a student of Communication science at Riau university. need about 30 minutes to get there from Kulim ( Kulim is extremely far, and most my friend call it is not any longer part of Pekanbaru T.T) . well, before i could sit in FISIP Bench, i needed waiting for one year, because I didnt pass extrance exam and joined the next year after as Communication '15.

I'm  active in organization called HIMAKOM as 2nd Secretary and active in any commitee programs.  for me it is like character building steps and team work. from here i got many things, such as new friends, connections, experience, and now many personalities.

I'm not the only a student, but i am a part time worker, dentist assistant. i work from 5 p.m until 9 p.m every day except monday and thursday. feel like a bussy student in korean drama, as part time worket :). sometimes i get tired and bored with this, but if payday is coming. i start to forget it.

i'm interested with debate competition, cause for me debate is like a precious 5 minutes-stage which everyone gives his full attention on me. and for winnig? hahaha i got more loses. my last competition is economic debate in FEKON UR. and Hamdallah..  i got runner up. more info , check : @tamaraputriy on Ig.

Not only that, im like to watch many korean dramas. i'm a Kpoppers. that stands for many fandoms. like ahgasses ( GOT7), Reluv ( Redvelvet), Carat ( Seventeen), etc. contact me if u wanna know my recomended new drama. i'll tell you everything.

i thinks that's all. thankyou****

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